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Apr 18, 2014

Gov Changes Affecting Muslim Students

As you may be aware the government made changes to the financial model for loans taken out to pay for university tuition fees and living expenses. The changes meant that the new model was entirely based on interest making it haram for us Muslims. After many Islamic charities consulted with the government, the government  proposed a sharia compliant Loan alternative for Muslim Students- but it will only go through if there is a demand shown before the 12th of June by filling out a government survey.


If you could, for the sake of Allah, send a version of this email to all those on your mailing list requesting them to fill in the survey with the following key points required for our cause to be successful.


1. Answer yes to all questions

2. In Question 2 in the comment box you need to say that you/your children are affected as you will not be able to go to university with the current interest based system.

3. In question 4 after ticking yes in the comment box you need to say that UK scholars and organisations such as Al Qalam Shariah Scholars Panel need to be on the advisory committee.

4. In Q5  in the comments box add that the product needs to be tailored to the AAOIFI standards. Restate this point in Q7.

5. In Q8 ask the government to urgently address this issue.


This is some information on the model proposed -


And this is the survey -


If for policy reasons you can not send this out to your mailing list, I urge you to send it out within your workplace and forward it to as many people as you can.