"Creating safe spaces for Muslim young people to explore personal,
social, spiritual and political choices"

Faces and Places

Faces and Places is the first online space dedicated to profiling British Muslim artists and their work. All works are presented in the MYWF's image gallery.


A new addition includes the Faces and Places Mapping Project. Piloted in March 2010, it explores from different locations, the history and stories of an area, through the eyes of its community with a strong emphasis on the notion of heritage.


Coat of Arms

Role models past and present. From darkness to light

This  project is designed to enable, young people to design a personalised ‘coat of arms’ that signifies who they are and what they believe in.


Art from Junk – the art of recycling

To engage and inspire the learners in looking at recycling and the critical role it plays in society.


Young Manga Project

A picture paints a thousand words and that’s just enough to tell a story. What’s yours?

A series of workshops run by renowned manga artist and graphic novelist Asia Alfasi.


Young Refugees' Mentoring Project

MYWF supports this project through the partnership with the Afghan Students Assiciation UK (ASAUK).



In all the debate about Muslim Young people the voice that often seems to be missing is that of the young person, and the focus on events often takes away the attention on everyday realities of young people’s lives. Witness is your chance to listen to this voice without interpretation, analysis or mediators.


MYWF Posters

The Muslim Youthwork Foundation is publishing a set of posters designed to capture ‘Muslim youth experiences’ which challenge and subvert the stereotypes and Islamophobic perceptions that Muslims and Muslim communities face today.


Borderlines Library Archive

Borderlines is our online archive, dedicated to a simple but very effective approach in dealing with difficulties and situations that arise in the delivery of youth work with Muslim young people. This archive will allow you to download articles relevant to the lives of Muslim Young People and engage directly with other readers instantly.


Poets' Corner

Poets' Corner is a project which enables poetic young people to use evocative words to explore their identity. The literary works of art explore a multitude of issues ranging from the personal, social, spiritual and emotional.



International Students' Conference for Dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims

JCM is a voluntary project and residential programme held in Germany aimed to explore a range of opportunities for interpersonal exchange, creative groups and lectures to throw light on the guiding theme from the three different perspectives.


Friday Thoughts

Reflections from Shaikha Halima Krausen