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JCM Report by Sahera Parveen

Firstly, contrary to what is mentioned and agreed below, Sadiqa, Shaila and myself were allocated separate rooms. Abdul was given a double room and Karim was placed in a single sex dorm room.

We were so immersed in the conference, that it didn’t occur to us until half way through the week. So I wanted to apologise on behalf of myself if MYWF incur any unexpected costs as a result of this.

Secondly, I cannot thank you enough for sponsoring me to attend this event. It has been a life and career affirming experience.

I had a very productive week, working through many problems arising from the use and abuse of religious language, with a diverse, both culturally and professionally, group of Muslims, Christians and Jews. It was an invaluable opportunity, to not only explore these issues from an interfaith perspective, but also an Interfaith one.

Finally, with regards to our own group, I found that we worked very well, in representing the diverse spectrum of Muslims, in Britain today. I was pleased that Abdul was give the opportunity to join us, as his openness and passion for learning from, and experiencing, other cultures and religions, was really beneficial in the development of our group dynamic.

The week was incredibly challenging, invigorating and personally, very enlightening for me. I feel lucky to have worked with so many talented, open minded, compassionate and committed individuals. Many new connections were made and we have begun our own online interfaith forum with Jewish and Christian participants in London. We're hoping to co-ordinate a similar interfaith meeting for youth in the coming months, and have been given the full support of many of the leading representatives in the JCM fold.


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