"Creating safe spaces for Muslim young people to explore personal,
social, spiritual and political choices"

What is the Muslim Youthwork Foundation?

The Muslim Youthwork Foundation (MYWF) was established  to inform work with Muslim young people. It has played a pioneering role in bringing the notion of Muslim youth work into the professional youth work domain.  It works with Muslim and non Muslims to bring together a range of experience and expertise that can influence the development of muslim youth work approaches.


The MYWF supports and trains young people, building their capacity to enable them to be of service to their peers, their communities and neighbourhoods. The variety of projects provides space for different forms of expression and belonging to emerge. The MYWF places great emphasis on the neighbourhood as a site of shared belonging, identity and experience and seeks where possible to strengthen this by working with young people of all backgrounds, nurturing relationships across ethnicities and faiths.


MYWF is involved in projects that can model initiative practice, publications that can inform work with Muslim young people and regularly organises workshops on variety of topics of interest to young people and youth work practitioners.


Is this Foundation for me?

Yes if you work with Muslim young people, either exclusively or in multi-faith contexts. The Foundation looks to strengthen neighbourhood ties and relationships. It doesn’t matter if you are Muslim or not, what does matter is that you have a genuine interest in the development of life chances and opportunities fro young people.